Not ONLY for children

If you think Animes, Mangas, Manhwas and Manhuas are for children only, think again. Today’s “contemporary” art contains various elements including those that require strong parental guidance (SPG), like drugs and violence, to something wholly not allowed for minors like sexually illicit activities, gore, torture, etc. (Note: Manga’s are magazines where most animés are based from, while manhwas and manhua are versions of manga from korea and china)


( excerpt from manga “deadman wonderland”)

Thankfully, child safe channels choose what to air on their program; unlike the internet where you can find almost everything. But if your problem is just the internet, then block all sites that are bad for your child. Use the administrator account to lock your preferences and  let them use the other non-admin account so that they can’t remove the restrictions.

Still, you can find good teachings from these media.  Instances includes the excerpt below from manhua ” combat continent” (though the title obviously imply that it’s filled with fights)


Be wary that some concetps and problems are too dificult for elementary students. The following are excerpts from manhwa “kubera”


(the image above is a 15y/o side charater’s mental math exam lol.

I actually tried to solve this and found that it’s not a real problem..well of course! silly me! It doesn’t even have straight sections to begin with lol)

In conclusion, screen whatever your child read or watch. Don’t be fooled cause it’s “just” anime or etc.


Batman’s Memory Cloth Cape: too good but almost true

In Cbatman moviehristopher Nolan’s movie Batman Begins (2005), the caped crusader “Batman” used his cape that transforms into a glider to enter and exit several scenes.

In the story, Lucius Fox of the Applied Sciences division of Wayne Enterprises introduced the “memory fabric technology”. This fabric is a flexible material that stiffens when Batman batman movie exceptpasses an electric current through it from microcircuits in his right-hand glove turning it into bat wings like glider.

The general concept of Batman’s cape was not far cry from reality. It was in fact a visualization of one of the future potential applications of “Electroactive Shape Memory Polymers (SMP)” [1], [2]. However; the current developments in SMP will not be sufficient for Batman’s purposes. In my opinion, if Batman hypothetically used today’s SMP technology, he’ll be jumping straight to his coffin. Another related material worth mentioning includes Shape Memory Alloys. Thought, these alloys were not the same as the fabric material concept of the cape, it does alter it’s shape under specific conditions e.g. heat.



Figure 2.  Pictures illustrating the electro-active shape recovery of carbon nanotube-reinforced hyperbranched polyurethane composites [2]

Recent vintages of SMP’s are composites containing conductive fillers[1] that alter properties such as mechanical, modulus, thermal, magnetic and etc. According to Liu et’al [1], common fillers that causes ‘electroactivity’, or responsiveness to electricity, includes carbon nanotubes, electromagnetic fillers, Nickel chains, and Hybrid fibers. Samples of the latest SMP’s are shown on figures 1 and 2, both are multiwalled carbon nanotube fillers (MWCNT) in polyurethane, exhibiting their ability to return to their original shape by application of 40V of electricity in ca. 10s.

SMP’s with electromagnetic fillers are polymer-magnetite composites that responds to inductive heating. This is quite different from batman’s cape since inductive heating is more of a contactless electromagnetic phenomenon where heat is the main reason for the polymer’s reversion to its original permanent shape. Figure 3 shows the activity of SMP with electromagnetic filler.


 Fig. 3. Photo series demonstrating the shape-memory transition induced by the impact of an HF electromagnetic field, measured from the top side of the induction coil. The shape of the sample is changed from helical (temporary shape) to a rectangular strip (permanent shape).



Innovations were made to other SMP’s by implanting nickel chains. These nickel chains are produced by adding nickel nanoparticles to the polymer matrix and curing under magnetic field. These nickel chains reduce electrical resistivity throughout the polymer thus increases shape recovery.


Figure 4. Plot of Carbon Black (CB)-SMP  with and without Ni chain VS resistivity.


ASRGFigure 5. Sample (a) 10 volume fraction percent of CB, 0.5 volume fraction percent of chained Ni; sample (b) 10 volume fraction percent of CB, 0.5 volume fraction percent of randomly distributed Ni; and sample (c) 10 volume fraction percent of CB only.


Figure 4 reveals the relationship between CB content and electrical resistivity of SMP/CB/Ni(chained), SMP/CB/Ni random) and SMP/CB. It is clear that the additional 0.5 volume fraction percent of Ni, if distributed randomly, only slightly reduces the resistivity of the composites. However, at the same amount of Ni particles, if well-aligned to form chains, can significantly reduce the electrical resistivity by more than 10 times. Obviously, the remarkable reduction in the electrical resistivity is the result of the conductive chains, which serve as conductive channels to bridge those small isolated CB aggregations. This bridging effect is more significant in composites loaded with a low amount of CB in which the CB aggregates are relatively small in size and more isolated. As shown in Fig. 5, almost full recovery is observed in 120s.

Surely, given all these developments, we still can’t have a cape suitable for our 2005’s ‘Dark Knight’. On another note, other movie enthusiast critics how the wing span of the cape/glider is too small, it’s more like a wingsuit. Creating enough lift to make ‘batsy’ fly without hard impact is impossible. In addition, current SMP studies does not include tensile strength and hardness that makes an ideal glider. Disregarding the landing impact, the cape itself may not even be possible for years. Having such futuristic equipment those days are sure fit to be called Sci-Fi.


[1] Liu, Y., Lv, H., Lan, X., Leng, J., & Du, S. (2009). Review of electro-active shape-memory polymer composite. Composites Science And Technology, 69(Smart Composites and Nanocomposites Special Issue with Regular Papaers), 2064-2068. doi:10.1016/j.compscitech.2008.08.016

[2] Mahapatra, S. S., Yadav, S. K., Yoo, H. J., Ramasamy, M. S., & Cho, J. W. (2014). Tailored and strong electro-responsive shape memory actuation in carbon nanotube-reinforced hyperbranched polyurethane composites. Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 193384-390. doi:10.1016/j.snb.2013.12.006

[3] Batman begins [Motion picture]. (2005). Warner Home Video.

Charlatan Claim: Cherifer with High CGF Food Supplement

Cherifer is a famous brand of food supplement in the Philippines that downloadboast its Chlorella growth factor (CGF) content on all Medias. Though it always mention that it has “no approved therapeutic claims”, the advertisements and the product box itself have several implications stating that “it is a growth enhancer”; such as underlining the word growth in CGF and bearing the motto: “Height is might”.

CGF is a nucleotide-peptide complex [1,2] derived from extracts of chlorella, that causes enhanced cell growth to due to improved cherifer-pgmcellular anabolic rate. Cell growth refers to increased cell division and thus “has no direct means of increasing body height”. Improvement of health from a cellular level through enzymatic processes plus addition of multivitamins and minerals is good, but putting additional claim for marketing purposes that was not thoroughly researched can only be called a sham.

In addition to all the above statements, since the intake of Cherifer is through oral administration, as a nucleotide-peptide complex, CGF is still bound to be denatured by gastric juices and be degraded into smaller peptide chains by proteolytic enzymes. Degraded, it will no longer be used for the same enzymatic processes for cell growth (as proposed on the study). But given the benefit of the doubt, assuming not all complexes are degraded at the very least, how will the alien complex enter the nuclear envelope without a certain chaperone? In a simple sense, the CGF intake have several bypasses to overcome, and even after that are the conditions for the CGF to properly function.

Improving health can surely affect growth, but we are still bound by our genetic phenotypes. Modifying body height through health improvement will definitely not defeat your genetic make-up, but doing it so will still benefit the body.

PS. One of my professors commented on this and brought up the idea that the degradation products of CGF might be a clue to its true nature. However, no studies related to this have been published, as of 2014, and thus the claim is still void.


  3. J Appl Poult Res(2013) 22 (1):100-108.