Not ONLY for children

If you think Animes, Mangas, Manhwas and Manhuas are for children only, think again. Today’s “contemporary” art contains various elements including those that require strong parental guidance (SPG), like drugs and violence, to something wholly not allowed for minors like sexually illicit activities, gore, torture, etc. (Note: Manga’s are magazines where most animés are based from, while manhwas and manhua are versions of manga from korea and china)


( excerpt from manga “deadman wonderland”)

Thankfully, child safe channels choose what to air on their program; unlike the internet where you can find almost everything. But if your problem is just the internet, then block all sites that are bad for your child. Use the administrator account to lock your preferences and  let them use the other non-admin account so that they can’t remove the restrictions.

Still, you can find good teachings from these media.  Instances includes the excerpt below from manhua ” combat continent” (though the title obviously imply that it’s filled with fights)


Be wary that some concetps and problems are too dificult for elementary students. The following are excerpts from manhwa “kubera”


(the image above is a 15y/o side charater’s mental math exam lol.

I actually tried to solve this and found that it’s not a real problem..well of course! silly me! It doesn’t even have straight sections to begin with lol)

In conclusion, screen whatever your child read or watch. Don’t be fooled cause it’s “just” anime or etc.